3 Examples of Online Dominoes Android Games

3 Examples of Online Dominoes Android Games


3 Examples of Online Dominoes is a generic card game that originated in China and started with the Wulin festival in 1100 BC. Was started. In the past domino games were only played by nobles, now the game can be played by anyone.

In fact, you can now play them through a game with no cards and opponents in front of you. Now, with the advancement of technology. Game companies have also developed domino games for the Android platform. Here’s how you can play the dominoes through your phone or Android device.

3 Examples of Online Dominoes Android  Games to Compete with Your Friends

3 Examples of Online Dominoes Android Games
Domino Online Games

1. Domino Gaple Online

The game by Surge Cell, which has a card game genre, is one of the most popular domino games. The reason for this is that the game, which became popular in March 2018, has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

This Android domino game also offers an attractive appearance as well as several features and advantages that you as a player can benefit from. Here are some of them:

-Forever free

Unlike other online gambling games that require real money to play and wager on, Domino Gaple can only be played with odds or an internet network. In other words, this Domino Gaple online game is a simulation game of similar online gambling games.

Free chips

The game Domino Gaple Online offers several interesting events every day. Where the chip you get for free is a “ticket” or tool to play with.


When playing domino Android games, it is certainly less demanding when playing alone. Therefore, the judi slot online game Domino Gaple offers multiplayer functions. So that you can play with other players through your Facebook account.

2. Dominoes 99

This Android domino game, which you can get on the App Store and Play Store. It is one of the games of the card game genre that is quite challenging and will improve your domino game skills.

When playing with this type of virtual chip, there are also various ways to play. Such as Texas Poker, Classic Dominoes and Bandar Room. In addition, you can also play it with your friends via Facebook social media using the multiplayer function.

This game, which has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users, actually has game rules that are not that different from other Android domino games. Some of the rules and style of play are:

  • The Domino 99 game has a total of 28 cards
  • The number of players who can take part in the game is 2-7 people, with each player receiving 4 cards
  • There are 6 card combinations in Domino 99, namely Six Devil, Twin Cards, Small Cards, Big Cards, Double and Ordinary Cards

3. Domino QiuQiu 99 (KiuKiu)

The game Domino QiuQiu 99 (KiuKiu) developed by developer Surger presents an exciting and thrilling game of dominoes, as evidenced by the game’s rating of 4.2. The game of dominoes also has a local and classic look.

In addition, like other games from the card game genre, Domino QiuQiu 99 (KiuKiu) can also be played together with your friends via Facebook. While connecting with other players, you can also form a chat and share emoticons.

Android games with the card game genre are highly valued by various groups, especially men. Well, in addition to the above games, you can also try other similar games like Dominoes Game. Dominoes QQ Game, Dominoes!, Dominoes Game: Classic Board Game, Dominoes Elite and many other types of Android Dominoes Games that you can play. /  Dy

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