81 Frutas Grande Review

81 Frutas Grande Review: RTP 95.12% (Tom Horn)


Are you looking for the 81 Frutas Grande review? If you’re looking for a classic themed slot machine, this game is one of the more unusual options. 

The classic fruit symbols will be present in this new Tom Horn Gaming slot, but they will be presented in a modern design and will be accompanied by numerous gemstones and other decorations. The graphics are good, but the setup is unusual, with fewer or more reels than you’d expect based on the player.

Summary of 81 Frutas Grande Review

The 81 Frutas Grandes has 81 active lines, which is why the title mentions it, and they’re distributed across 4×4 reels. 

In this case, you get a medium-volatility slot with rewards that only go up to 1,000x your stake and a low RTP of 95.12%. The wild symbol will be one of the game’s most prominent features, along with an 8x multiplier.

1. Wagering Options

Thankfully, we won’t have to place bets with 81 coins. In this case, 50 coins will suffice, and the bet’s minimum stake will be $0.50. Increase the total bet to a maximum of $100 as you see fit.

The ultimate prize is a 1,000x stake jackpot, which can be won in a single spin of 81 Frutas Grandes. There are more than enough lines to get you that much, particularly with multiple wilds and their multipliers in play.

A medium volatility rating is acceptable for that kind of payout, though we’ve seen even better returns. The limited RTP of 95.12% explains the relatively low jackpot.

2. Slot Features

The 81 Frutas Grandes is a classic title, despite the modern design, and that’s why there’s such a short list of special features inside.

In fact, aside from the usual combos formed by regular symbols, there is only one major symbol that can assist in a unique way. We are referring to the wild symbol, which features the image of a red ruby on top of the 81 logo. 

When a single of these wilds appears in a winning combination, the prize is multiplied by two. If there are 2 wilds on that line, the reward is multiplied by 4x, and if there are 3, the prize is multiplied by 8x.

3. Theme and Design

81 Frutas Grandes has a classic fruit theme, and it does use it, but it also makes sure to include plenty of precious gems in its symbols. These are used in addition to the fruits, not as a replacement. Despite the classic vibe, the quality is excellent, modern, and attractive.

The 81 Wild, as well as the Bells, Lucky 7, Watermelon, Lemon, Plum, Orange, Grape, and Cherries, are among the symbols on the list.

Our Final Conclusion

In conclusion of the 81 Frutas Grande review, we believe that this game will appeal to players who enjoy a classic theme but aren’t interested in the typical poor graphics associated with online slots. The main disadvantage is the lower RTP, as you’re willing to accept lower odds just to be able to play a nice or coloksgp game.

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