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DC Universe Online Review: Still One of the Best MMO Game in PS4

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DC Universe Online Review – Already familiar with DC heroes and their villains, right? Yes, yes, a series of names such as Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and so on as soon as possible immediately cross your mind. No, we are not going to compare which one is better, DC or Marvel, because this time we are going to talk about one of the best free games on PlayStation 4, which is DC Universe Online.

We are sure that most of you have played this game before, or at least have heard of it. However, for those of you who don’t know (just a brief information for you), DC Universe Online or commonly abbreviated as DCUO, is an action game that you can play for free, online, and in multiplayer, which was released in 2011. then. This game, as the name suggests, will of course feature a number of fictional characters from DC Comics. This game is developed by Dimensional Ink Games and Daybreak Game Company. The release itself is managed by Daybreak Game Company and WB Games.

Okay, without waiting too long, let’s read the following DC Universe Online review.

DC Universe Online Review by Its Gameplay

The first aspect we wanted to assess is … the gameplay! Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of the DC Universe Online gameplay, let’s take a look at a little description of the general gameplay provided by the game.

In this game, as a player, it will be possible to create an original and new character. The characters you create will interact with DC Comics components, from legendary DC Comics heroes, to (we must admit) awesome villains. At the beginning of character creation, players will be given a choice of character factions, whether the player chooses the Hero or Villain faction. After that, players will choose gender, body type (which consists of short, tall, medium, alert, big, or athletic), personality (there are flirtatious, funny, strong, serious, to primal), then you will also choose movement modes (speed, skimming, acrobatics, or flight), power (ice, fire, magic, light, electricity, etc.), to weapons.

Apart from that, you will also be able to choose a number of skin types, hair, and costumes, which consist of 4 colors. You can apply these colors to your color palette later. Templates made on previous occasions actually got inspiration from a number of main characters in DC Comics, so that character creation is faster.

After that, later you will get a special name, which you need to remember throughout the game. You will then be placed in the world of the DC Universe, where the first scene you have to complete is to try your best to escape from the spaceship, namely Brainiac. You can gain knowledge of a number of basic moves and abilities, how to use your opponent’s strength points, skills and mechanics. After that, you will later become an official member of their group according to the faction you chose at the start. You will join the Justice League if you choose the Heroes faction, and will join the members of The Society when you become villains.

After becoming an official member, you as a player (and your group) must continue the mission, in order to increase the level and skills. What we can really value from the gameplay aspect of DC Universe Online is that their gameplay is made in a way that generally feels more interactive than other regular MMO games. In addition, this game also requires players to defend their main elements, such as inventory, game progress at the end, leveling system, and so on.

Basically, the universe setting in this game is a “common space” concept. This common room will feature a number of Heroes and Villains characters to fight together (along with their factions) and fight each other (between factions). This battle is, amazingly, designed dynamically by the developer. After updating for a while, there are a number of updates in various aspects, such as bug fixes, special achievements, basic items, outside world missions, new costumes, and new modes, such as Survival Mode, Legend PvE, to Fragment Stabilizer Instances.

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DC Universe Online Review by Its Visual

DC Universe Online Review by Its Visual

We (and maybe you too) would be able to say that the visuals presented by DC Universe Online are quite interesting. DC Universe Online has battle animations that run smoothly without lag (if your internet connection is stable too, of course) and awesome visual effects although not one of game has the best graphic on ps4. You will feel the display of DC Universe Online amazes you for a moment which then decreases its charming level over time. For the size of the MMO launched 10 years ago, the visuals of this game are quite representative of that period. There are lots of textures that aren’t really that impressive and some animations that just feel awkward. The main advantages of the visuals of this game are that the load time is fairly fast, the transitions do not slow down, and there is almost no lag.

Uniquely, if you experience an increase in level, where you will spend a number of your points, you will indirectly see that the battles you are doing are increasingly dancing in terms of the visuals, with some of the conveniences provided, for example, you don’t have to have trouble pressing buttons or clicking your mouse.

Maybe what we can see from its weaknesses is the target system, where you cannot choose who or what your target is. You are only allowed to press the target button which works automatically, plus there will be a number of disturbances that can block your view, such as a number of visual effects of burning fire, light, to lightning strikes.

DC Universe Online Review by Its Sounds

In terms of sound effects, DC Universe Online has won the hearts of a number of MMO gamers. A number of gamers have stated that the sound effects of this game can be said to be amazing, such as the sound effect that feels real from the fire created from the player’s hand, or the sound effect of strong winds, the sound effect of lightning, and others. Dubbing sounds pretty impressive too. However, sometimes sound effects go haywire and disappear when a number of events occur simultaneously.

Game Details

Developer: Daybreak Game Company, Dimensional Ink Games
Publisher: Daybreak Game Company, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: January 11, 2011
Price: Free

-Smooth and fun visual graphics
-Impressive sound effect and audio
-Good gameplay
-You can play it for free
-Customization has large variety
-Fun to play

-Tutorial can’t be skipped
-Gameplay tends to be repetitive



In general, DC Universe Online is still one of the fun MMO games for gamers to play. DC Universe Online has a plus in visual graphics, sounds, and the gameplay. However, there are a lot of features that could just be played if you get the premium membership for DC Universe Online.

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