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CSGO is the first person shooting game that has been popularized over the past few years. This game has existed for almost more than 20 years. Amongst those 20 years they have double up some of the best marketplaces on Earth CSGO has a huge market cap.

Each and every single one of their items is actually worth real money. For example you can buy a skin that is worth $1,000 or even up to $2,000 per skin. The skins go as high as up to $10,000 per skin such as the dragon lore.

This has made it very possible for people to gamble in CSGO gambling is a very fun activity and CSGO. If you’re interested to gamble then you need to find the right website. There are several and even many trusted websites that we have provided to you today. For this gambling site CSGO is going to provide you the best gambling experience that you’ll have.

What is CSGO Gambling Sites?

CSGO gambling is very different from any other type of gambling. Like betting on online slot gambling sites that rely on luck.

You’re going to have to use their in-game skins in order for you to gamble. There are many ways that you can get your hands on these in-game skins. Each casino offers you a different type of experience.

 Some of the experience or such as jackpots while others are classic casino games there is truly no limit to what you can do in this CSGO casinos. You could even place your bet on a1v1 match. Or you could instead place a wager on professional matches.

There are no CSGO casinos that are very similar. Each and every one of them has their own uniqueness and they offer you a lot of fun. All of your money that you win will be in the form of CSGO skins. But do not worry because you can actually cash this out later on after you have won.

Keep in mind that each and every skin has its own dollar value these kinds of dollar value is very stable but there’s always a demand and there is a high amount of liquidity in CSGO skins.

Why gamble using CSGO skins?

Gambling is in CSGO skins is one of the the most safest way to gamble ever. This is because you are never going to use Fiat money or real money. Instead you would use in-game items that actually have monetary value. On top of that it would be way safer because you would never be tracked down.

You would still have your identity and your privacy safe for you. No one or no government will ever know that you gambled online. You also do not have to pay a lot of taxes because the taxes in gambling CSGO sites are not that high. Just different in comparison to offline casinos or online Fiat casinos.

The amount of taxes that you have to pay could reach up to a standing 30%. You need to get away from these taxes because they will consume your profit.That is why so many people is actually interested in trying CSGO gambling.

The type of games that they offer are very unique and we will discuss all of our recommendations today with you. So stick with us and learn more about

CSGO Lotto

CSGO Lotto

The first site that is very popular is CSGO lotto. This place is a very popular place and it has been under a different name before. The CSGO Lotto is also known as one of the biggest lottery websites in the history of CSGO ever.

But there has been a few rumors that all of their games are rigged for streamers and youtubers. The CSGO lottery is very simple to understand.

There are not many aspects such as using skills or any type of other things. Instead people would rely on random number generators. Say that you have a pool of around $1,000. This $1,000 consist of up to 20 players with different amount of skins. It does not matter how many skins that you put in.

What matters is the amount of value of your skins that you have put in. For example you have put in a total of around $100 worth of CSGO skins.

As a result you would have a 100 over 1,000 chance which is around 10% to win over the $1,000 pot. This chances increase as you add more and more skins into the pot. Which means the more skins you have the higher chances you would have to win all of it. But anything can really happen CSGO Lotto websites.

People that has a 1% chance could literally win thousands of dollars. So even if you put a chance of 50% there is still a huge chance that you could lose this. Understand the risk and that the system always uses a fair RNG system or random number generator.

People could usually snipe in the CSGO Lotto pots by betting a huge amount of money. Take for example a part of around $500 that is counting down. By the time it almost reaches 0 seconds someone could put in around $2,000.

Hence decreasing your chances of winning very very significantly. This is called Lottery sniping. These are just some of the few things that you can do and see in a CSGO lotto site.

Unfortunately, the CSGO Lotto site doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

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CSGO Lounge

Next up we are going to talk about CSGO lounge. CSGO lounge is a very popular gambling site. This place is actually a marketplace that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people. It is one and can be categorized as the only standing marketplace up to this date.

People usually trade their items to other players. In order to do that they can place advertisement and CSGO lounge. On top of that CSGO lounge also offers a free batting service. You can also place your bets on professional Counter-Strike matches take for example for virtus pro versus fanatic.

The odds of each matches are always different. It is determined by how many people bet on that team. The more people bet on that team this means that the win to lose ratio is going to be lesser. For example if you take a team that has a 90% chance of winning, then you could only win a little amount of money.

This is different when you bet on high stakes team of 10% chance of winning. Hence you could get up to 100% or even more than three or five times the original amount. People love to go to CSGO lounge because it has been a very trusted marketplace.

Many players ranging from pro to amateurs uses this platform not even professional athletes love to trade their items here.

CSGO Polygon

Ever wonder if there are some casino games that you could try. Well here is one. CSGO polygon is an innovative website that is specialized and roulette games. They offer a very similar game that you would find and roulette and casinos.

These types of roulette games uses a unique animation in which you would never be bored anymore. In order for a person to play this you also need to deposit first. The amount of deposit that you can do is usually around a minimum of $1. On top of that you would also be able to get a free referral bonus of around 50 cents without doing any deposits. Many people love to play in CSGO polygon.

This is because CSGO polygon uses a random number generator that is fair. Although these websites are not considered as a legal website. There has never really been a legal issue with the CSGO gambling community. Almost anyone can try CSGO roulette and CSGO polygon.

Well gambling you could also try their other games. They usually bring out the classic arcade games such as mine sweeper as well as crash. A person can play mine sweeper by determining the amount of mines they want. The more mine means that it is more riskier for you to play. On top of that you would later on click on the tiles.

Gambling Sites: CSGO Bubble

Next up on our list we’re going to talk about the CSGO bubble. CSGO bubble is a very interesting website. It is very simplistic and way more simplistic than other websites.

They mainly offer a game of dice as well as coin flips. This game is very perfect if you want to win money. Coin flip is very simple and you don’t need any strategies at all.

This is because the chance of winning is always 50/50 or 50%. Every time you place a bet the coin is going to flip randomly. And according to the system you can get around two times the amount of your original money. So take for example you have an amount of $10.

You go on a coin flip and you go against a random player but if you win you’re going to get $20 back. It is important to know that the outcome is very random and you could either be in a win streak or even a losing streak.

This is a great game if you’re a beginner and you don’t know how to play poker or other games such as blackjack.

In games such as CSGO bubble players do not need to do a deposit at all. This is because deposit is only done when you want to play the game.

Say for example you want to get into a game off coin flip. A game of coin flip could range from $1 at 2000s of dollars. All you have to do is to reach the same amount of money that your competitor has place.

CSGO Moon Case

Last on our list today is called CSGO Mooncase. Mooncase is a one of a type website when you go to CSGO Mooncase you’re going to see something unique. Drake moon or mooncase is a website in which you can open a custom case. Each custom case would have its own odds as well as its own price list.

Players are allowed to make their own cases as well as get referral off of those cases. Take for example you make a case of dragon lore which costs around $1,000. But you don’t want to pay that $1,000 so instead you make a 50/50 chance.

The other item that you could use as a cheap one sent item. And at the end of the day you could only pay around $500 to get a 50% chance to win a dragon lore. This is what their website specializes in. Besides that you could also make a custom case in which a player could open new skins.

Such as the newly released skins or new patches. Say that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cases. Instead of buying a case and a key you could instantly unbox these cases without big extra fees.

Gambling Sites CSGO Recommendation for Beginners

Drake moon or Mooncase is an amazing website for beginners. You can gamble without having to understand anything. All it takes is a couple of clicks. If you do not want to make your own cases you could also use other people’s cases.

But this is way more efficient because you know which case to use and which case is the best type of case. Some of the best cases have actually gained a lot of popularity. On top of that we have mentioned to you that you can use referral bonuses.

Every time a player spins on the case that you made you could get around 20 cents or even more. Just imagine how much you could make if 1,000 people has opened your case.

This is a great way of making profit without even paying a single sent at all. You could get free skins and you can cash that out into real money. We really recommend you to try all of their features. Such as knives, covert skins, rare skins and so much more these types of cases could be as affordable as two cents or even 5 cents.

So you do not need to spend up thousands of dollars just to get a nice skin. Instead you can gamble and wager to get a nice skin and a very very cheap price. This is a bargain and many people loves to make content out of these kinds of websites.


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