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Top 5 Gambling Software Providers to Build an Online Gambling Business


The world of online slots are filled with dozens of gambling software providers. Each region basically has their own software providers. You may see some of the best software providers out there such as NetEnt, Playtech, and so much more. 

In today’s article, we will discuss some of the things that are distinguishable between one software providers and the other. Most of them has a similar types of services but not all is good. Because amongst dozens of software providers, only around 10-15 can be considered as trusted providers.

These providers specialize mostly in the world of online slots as well as live casinos. Players who want to play can simply log into any website and the same provider may be shown. So say that you log into a website called A and to another website labeled as B. 

Both of these websites may have the same software providers. Hence you could basically play the same games just from a different website. That is why it is better for players to find a website with complete and more trusted software providers. We will show you what software providers to try and what to avoid in this article today. So stick with us and learn some more. 

What are Software Providers?

Gambling Software Providers

There are many ways that a website can produce their own software. But this is ineffective for you to make your own software from scratch. This costs a lot of money especially to pay for developers out there. With this reason, we are going to help you find the right software providers.

Software providers are the company that are going to give you their services. For example you have a gambling website that specializes in the field of card games. So this can include poker, blackjack, baccarat, and so much more. Then you also need software providers that is able to give you this service. They will provide all of the game and all you have to provide is the methods of deposits. Through software providers, you will have to pay a small commission fee for all of the companies. 

Say that you have a customer that bets and places a $100 bet. And the commission for company is around 2% or 5%. So if the casino makes profits, then they will get commission. 

Another alternative is that casinos will pay monthly fees or annual fees. This is an easy option because online gambling casinos do not need to provide any service. All maintenance and update is provided by the software providers. They are also responsible for pushing out and developing new games. 

That is why many websites uses software providers so that they do not have to start from 0 just to build their own business. Next up for discussion are all of the providers we are going to recommend. Not all recommendations are slot games. Some may actually be card games.

Top 5 Gambling Software Providers

This is the recommendation of the best Gambling Software Providers today. It is suitable if you are thinking of starting an online gambling business.

Habanero Slots Online

Habanero Slots Online

Unlike slot gambling sites in general, Habanero slots only serves games that are considered favorites and of high quality. This quality can be seen from the animation, theme, and how good the design of a game is. Every week and every month, Habanero will launch a new game. Examples are games like Taberna De Los Muertos, Happy Ape, Jellyfish Flow Wealth Inn, Christmas Gift Rush, and others. Each game is designed according to the season or the bettor’s preferences. With this, you can play while enjoying the best animations. Slot gambling games at Habanero are guaranteed not to be fake.

To access Habanero online, you can find their logo on various other sites. This is because the Habanero slot gambling provider has collaborated with several other online gambling sites. So far, Habanero slots have been awarded certifications from 16 other brands. That’s why playing at Habanero is so profitable.


Random Number Generator with High Winning Percentage in Habanero Slots

Play no longer need to lose or be afraid to face defeat. With Habanero, customers can play without cheating at all. Habanero uses a fair play system that aims to prevent all kinds of cheating. Players will play at the promised RTP percentage or return to player rate. The RTP of slot machine games on Habanero ranges from 95% to 99%. Each RTP is different because it depends on the concept of the game.

If the slot gambling game has more combinations, then the RTP will be adjusted for a range of 95% to 97%. While slot gambling games with high RTP will have a low pay line. All these types of games are very easy to play. So just register yourself at the Habanero slot right now. Many high quality slot machines will be waiting for your presence at their slot gambling agent.

Habanero is an online slot game bookie that is suitable for millennial online gambling lovers. It’s never too late to try and start playing online gambling. Because, Habanero will give you a guide in playing. Instead of taking a long time, let’s register yourself with habanero first.

Licensed Site With Habanero Online

Habanero has obtained a license from an online gambling agency or commission. This makes bettors safer to try new online gambling games. To date, there have been more than 1 million customers who have downloaded their application. Both on IOS and on Android, Habanero will serve you all.

PGSoft Quality Slot Gambling

PGSoft is very proud of all the games it owns. All types of slots on PGSoft are developments from the developers and also the PGSoft professional team. The games on their website are also guaranteed to be original and use the best animations. Some of the games you are already familiar with are Reels of Prosperity, Queen of Bounty, Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels, and Vampire’s Charm. Every animation in PGSoft has been designed so that players will not get bored quickly.

Online Casino Gambling is Active 24 Hours Every Day

Players only need to log in and place bets anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the most advanced servers on PGSoft players no longer have to wait in the morning or afternoon just to play. This provider open PGSoft online slot games 24 hours a day. This feature is expected to give you all the freedom to play. Especially if you are busy and have a hard time managing the time to enjoy the best slot gambling games.

Players may actually see PGSoft as a website that only gives out slot games. But the truth is, PgSoft is one of the most widely known game provider. This software provider also gives players the access to play live casino. Where you can access live tables and play poker like how you play in a real casino. PGSoft provides all of the dealers in this website so that the owners of the website only have to chill and enjoy their services.

There are a few other games such as poker, baccarat, dice games, roulette, and blackjack. All of these are high demand games. There are other software that also provide the same games. What differentiates PGSoft with other software provider is because they are able to give out high quality games. All of these games are the reason why many online casinos hire this provider. The live casino offers much more delight for players to spend their money and have fun. 

Play Cross Platform With Multiple Devices

Playing on a tablet or mobile phone is no longer a problem. Because, you who love online gambling can join to enjoy games from PgSoft. PgSoft present this game from 5 different platforms. All of these devices are like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iphones, ipads, computers, and others. All games are very easy to be accessed by the customers. First, you need to download this game. When the download is complete, players can directly log in to start playing.

If you don’t want to download, you can just go to the official website of PGSoft. With this, you no longer need to download, and can directly access more than 100 active slots.

Playtech Online Arcade Games

Playtech Online Arcade Games

As the number of players continues to grow, PlayTech also continues to improve the quality of the game so that it can be sufficient for all of our loyal customers. If you want to join PlayTech online, the method is very simple. You can start playing with us if you already have an ID from the PlayTech gaming slot.

Playtech is very well known for its slot gambling games. That’s why until now, this brand already have more than 500 variants of slot gambling games. Developers from PlayTech also continue to develop new slot themes and ideas for players to enjoy. When you want to play, you only need to choose one of all our slot games. Players can also see RTP or return to player rate in real time. This is expected to help all of you when they want to choose the best slots in PlayTech slot gambling.

This slot provider not only provide slot games. But they also specialize in other types of games. In Asia, there is a high demand of arcade games such as fishing games. Players can literally try fishing games and gamble their money. There are also other types of games such as bingo. Maybe you have heard of these games online. These are the funnest


PlaynGo Slots

Slots are divided into many variants. Of course, if you like playing the classics, then you can choose PlaynGo classic slot gambling. There are some important differences to know when you want to play the classics as well as the new ones. Classic slot games will use symbols that are similar to the old slot machine symbols. Some symbols that you may already know are like cherry, 777, gold, and others.

PlaynGo Program Deposit and Referral Bonus

PlayTech gives all you lots of extra bonuses and perks. If you want to play, don’t be afraid to lose. Your balance on PlaynGo will reach up to millions of dollars. First, the deposit bonus from PlaynGo will increase your balance by up to 50%. It is hoped that this will help you, especially newcomers to PlayTech. In a matter of seconds, the bonus will be applied and the balance will be entered into your accounts instantly.


Microgaming Provider

Microgaming Provider

Playing slot gambling is very exciting. Especially if you can play in one of the biggest developers and already have international rankings. Microgaming is a leader in the online slot gambling gaming industry. As a bettor, you need a very flexible slot gambling agent. 

Flexibility in Microgaming online slot gambling comes in the form of speed of betting, speed of withdrawal, and very low fees for playing. Microgaming can also ensure that all of you are guaranteed to profit when playing on Microgaming. Instead of waiting for a long time, let’s see what can be prepared after registering for online Microgaming slot gambling.

Microgaming is known as a very crowded and famous slot gambling site. This is because Microgaming can provide you with all the slots with animations and high winnings. One round or spin can make your money up to tens of millions of rupiah. Making money is much easier than other sites in general. Try all the variants on our site and find out which one is the most interesting.



There are dozens of providers out there for you to pick. Today’s article is created so that players can at least have an image of how they want to play in a website that is worth it. Because when you gamble, you want to make sure that it is in the most safest way possible right? Well you do not need to worry anymore. Because these providers are trusted, licensed, and will provide transparency. When people say that the house will always win, this isn’t necessarily true. Many players still manage to beat software providers from all around the world if they are smart and lucky.


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