How to Get Gaming License for Gambling Business

How to Get Gaming License for Gambling Business in 3 Easy Steps


This step of how to get a gaming license for gambling business is a series of how to start an online casino. This can be said to be an important step to success and play it safe.

Gambling license is very different in each country. Of course as an owner, it is the ultimate goal to be verified by another trusted government body.

In this article, we will teach you so that you can get gaming license for your gambling business.

This is because almost all of the trusted websites that serves casinos online will have their own gaming license. We will teach you the steps by steps on why this is achievable by any website.

But be sure that you have checked some checklist on this article.

You may ask is gambling license really necessary for a gambling business? Well of course! Getting a gambling license must be a priority for many casinos all around the world.

First of all, gambling license will literally boost the popularity of your website in the gambling community. Next up we will talk more about how to get gambling license.

What is a Gambling License?

Before talking about how to get gaming license for gambling business, I want to briefly review the definition of it.

In short, gambling license is a type of certification that can be obtained by a website. Gambling license can only be given to any type of casino websites who are already trusted.

When obtained, players can feel a sense of security. Of course they would love to play in a website that is already trusted without any risks of being rigged or fake.

On top of that, this license ensures 3 things that is most important. First of all, licenses or a gambling license will tell the players that your website is secure.

This includes all types of information that was put inside the website, and any type of data. The money that you have deposited into the website is also safe.

Because when you deposit with this website, they have already proven to everyone. That they have a secure way or a secure method of depositing as well as withdrawing.

Secondly, gambling license gives the website a permission to operate in certain region. We will discuss this further with you.

So basically each region has their own limitation. For example if you operate in Indonesia, then it is hard for you to gain any license. Due to the fact that there is no body or organization in Indonesia to give you this legitimacy.

Gambling license can come in many form. But of course there is no physical form of gambling license. Gambling license is more of a data and a type of certificate that is handed to the casino owners.

With this license, there is no longer the need for offline casinos. Because people can simply pick an online casino and trust this place. Trust is no longer a problem with this liecnse being placed in your website.

How Much Does Making an Online Casino Cost?

Apply to a legal gaming license provider

In this article we will also help you determine what are the prices regarding online casino. Usually online casinos will have a different price in different countries.

For example if you go to Indonesia and then the prices would be so much cheaper than developing a new website in the Western world. This is mainly due to the fact that casinos in Asia is more readily accessible.

On top of that casinos in Asia also sit on the gray area.

This means that these types of casinos are not necessarily legal or not necessarily illegal. in order for you to truly count the cost then you need to wait in everything that is going to cost you money. These kind of cost me come from website development up to things such as website maintenance fees.

You need the flappers as well as engineers to be able to fix these kinds of problems. On top of that you also need to pay servers and the customer service fee. But all in all it will probably take around $5,000 and as low as $1,000 if you are in an Asian country.

This may seem very cheap because this is only the start of your expenses. The expenses will always grow and keep growing as long as you have more players that will come to your website.

This is okay because the more players you have means that your website is doing well and you are producing money.

One thing to consider is that you are going to have to spend a lot of money when it comes to the digital marketing. Which website is not able to thrive if they are not on top of the Google search engine list.

This is why it is very important for websites to continue to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, as one of the priority marketing funnel.

Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Gambling License

Applying a gambling license is very costly. It will take a few hundred and up to thousands of dollars in order for your website to be verified by the license.

That is why many website owners need to be very conscious in abiding by the rules that are given by the gambling organizations. To prevent this from happening, we are going to teach you several things to keep in mind.

So that you can at least already be ready before going to get your gambling license.

In general, all of these rules that are set by the gambling committee or the organization must be fulfilled. If the owners fail to do so, then they must go back and that they must repeat the same process over and over again. Doing this repetitively would of course cost a lot of money and it will cost a lot of time.

This business may even be too costly for you if you are just starting your own new online casino. Come learn further with us on what makes a gaming license easier to get.

Find Trusted Gambling Software Provider

It is almost impossible to say if there is a new casino that wants to make their own game from scratch. This is hard and very time consuming. First, you need a highly skilled team of developers to develop a game from scratch.

Of course this will take too much of your time and too much of your money. That is why gambling owners rely on what is known as trusted software provider.

Software provider will give them the ease to simply provide all of the games for them. Starting from slot games, poker games, blackjack games, baccarat, and so much more. All of these games are accessible if you are able to actually find the right kinds of software provider.

Even gambling software provider can be rigged and that there are fake ones. In order to get a trusted gambling provider, then you need to be really careful and do a lot of research. Research beforehand what kind of games that you want to provide to all of your players.

To make it simple, just choose one of the most trendiest game in the market. Usually the most two trendiest and high rating games are such as slot games and poker games.

Look for established gambling software provider. Usually gambling provider that has license can also be approved as trusted providers.

Software providers would also not just pop up in the middle of sometime.

But it needs to grow slowly. This is where you can examine the history of this gambling software provider. Look for websites and providers that are trusted and has never had a complaint. Doing this will ensure your first step in getting gambling license.

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Set a Clear Transaction Method

Besides games, payment system is the other most important thing. Without this, then players would never play and never be interested to play your games. Set up a quick and effective transaction system so that players will be more interested to play.

There are two things that is needed in transaction method. First of all, you need to set up a deposit method. Depositing is the activity in which the players put their money up. Having a trusted transaction method will show the players that your website is legit. There is no fake credit card scam.

We suggest that you provide some of the most major ways to transact online. These can be credit cards, debit cards, local bank transfer, e-payment methods, and cryptos. The last method is actually still new, but it is much less time consuming.

In the other part, you also need to worry about withdrawal system. Because to every deposit then there must be money that is being withdrawn. Do not make strict rules regarding the withdraw policy.

You want players to have as much accessibility as they can to the funds that they have deposit. Limiting them from taking their own money will be bad and it will make them harder to trust you. Players want to deposit money at a minimum and withdraw at a maximum. We suggest that you set a minimum withdraw of around $10.

This way, money that comes in will also be spin around inside the games. And that the online casino can still make lots of profit. This is the only way for you and your players to be comfortable when playing poker or slots. So be sure your transaction system is clear. Use a third party service if needed.

Server and Domain Activity

There has been many reports of scams where new websites pop up and then run away. These online casino websites run away after the players have deposited. This is very bad and that it is irresponsible. Players now have a harder time to trust all of the websites online.

This is the duty of the casino owner to provide a sense of security. One of which can be gained when a website is always up and running for 24 hours every day. Be sure that you have an ongoing server and domain name. So that your website will not be banned from a country. If your website is banned, then you need a team of engineers to get it fixed.

Any type of error can lead to a decrease in trust and a decrease in player. You want your players to keep trusting that you are a high quality website. Be sure that you also hire a private hosting server.

Another thing to keep in mind is also the fact that servers are so easy to be bypassed by hackers. Paying for a better quality server is a must for any gambling casino. Do not try to save as much money as you can. Because this might end up in you paying for more. Licenses need to also ensure the fact that your website is trusted.

How to Get Gaming License?

To get your own license, apply to a legal gaming license provider. There are a few things to keep in mind before doing this. There are things such as hiring lawyers and even more complicated things such as taxation.

First, choose a country that meet any types of games and content that you are offering. Some of the biggest countries are such as Curacao, Malta, and etc. Some countries may have higher taxes but provide a higher credibility.

To keep it even more credible, you may have to higher your own lawyer. This can cost a bit more but will save you a lot of time. All of the time that will be consumed can be saved.

On top of that, you may want to prepared some documents regarding your personal background. The owner’s data is very important to be processed.

All of the organization will do a final inspection and check on your website. This is the moment of truth where your website will be given a license. Do all of these tips from us so that you can be given ease to get your website licensed.

That is all for today’s article. We hope that this article has truly helped you gain your own gambling license for your online casino. Be sure to always double check before submitting and paying lawyers.


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