How to Promote Online Gambling Website

How to Promote Online Gambling Website In 4 Easy Steps


How to Promote Online Gambling Website? If you have previously read about how to start an online gambling business, then this page is quite important to get closer to the goal of success.

Promoting is a simple ways so that everyone can know what your website is and what your website offers. Rather than just going to a SEO agency then you might want to know some of these steps.

To be simple, these steps could save you a lot of money. But you could also go to an SEO agency where they give you services.

So just back link promotions and other types of promotions. So there are several types of promotions that you can use and we will discuss all of them today.

Popularity of Online Casinos

Online gambling website has been popular this past few years. Any players from all around the world could access a single website I can gamble everyday.

But it is not as easy as that if your website is still new. In order for you to gain a lot of traction there must be some kind of strategy or tactics that you need to use. Without any type of promotion than these types of online gambling website will never have any player.

You will only rely on Google search engine and etc. But the truth is relying on this one method to gain player is not enough.

People even go to the extent of putting banners into other people’s websites. For example in Indonesian casinos you can see that people p for promotion in other people’s websites.

The costs of these promotions can reach up to thousands of dollars per month. This is a great example of advertisement and promotion.

How to Promote Online Gambling Website

How to Create an Online Casino Website

And if you want your website to go that big that you might want to take that step and invest thousands of dollars in. Everyone is ready to invest that much money into a single website. That is why we will offer you tons of alternative that will cost so much cheaper.

Buying Backlinks and Blog posts

Backlinks is an easy way to get a lot of money quick. Well you need to pay a small sum of money in order to get these backlinks to your website. Have you ever heard of hyperlink.

Then you may have already know what backlinks are. Backlinks are basically hyperlinks but they will all go to your website. No matter where they are placed and whatever the content is it will always lead to your website.

This is very important because it acts as a promotional content. But what is most important is that the content that leads to your website must have the same Niche.

So take for example you have an online gambling website that specializes in poker games. Then you need to create content that is related to poker games.

Then these kinds of contents will have a link directly pointing to your website. This is the most effective way to use backlinks at the moment.

People will be curious about your website and what it sells. That is why they will click the link and they will quickly be redirected to your website. Once they are on your website then you need to make it interesting so that people would be simply gamble to get it again.

Instead you need a website that is fully functioning with a higher authority. High demand authority basically means that your website is popular.

An example of high demand website is such as wikipedia. Wikipedia is very popular because it has the highest rank in Google right now.

Things to Look for When Buying Backlinks

Backlinks has to be bought from other people. Unless you have a huge database of your old website. Many online casinos actually have a huge database of their own website. But doing this would make it so expensive to the point that you need to buy around 100 websites. And these websites that you are going to need is not just a random website.

When buying backlinks people often look for two things. First of all they’re going to have to order the article. You can order these kinds of article from the website that offers them directly.

So for example if you’re buying a backlink from a website then you can ask them to also write the article for you. But this is might not always be effective.

Because people do not have basic knowledge run what gambling is or what poker is. So it is your responsibility to provide the correct content so that these websites can simply post them.

It will be so much effective if you just directly send them a piece of your content. And then you can also redirect them to what kind of keywords that they want to use and Link. So they must mention your website’s name in their website or some type of keyword in which they can insert the backlink.

In backlinks you need to put up around $1,000. This is a general starting budget for building this business. And in blog posting all you need to do is to find the right website and then offered the right content.

This is a popular way for small growing businesses to thrive. So what you’re going to need is a high-ranking or high quality article.

You may be able to use a gambling niche-specific Guest Posting service. This is quite effective for getting quality backlink sources.


Content Marketing Tactics for Online Gambling

Blog posting is simply the same as backlink. The only difference is that backlink caused you a lot of money and that you need to pay for it.

This article must be so perfect in terms of grammar and content and structure. Be sure that this article is not copy paste it from somewhere because it is going to matter a lot. If you offer a copy paste article that you’re basically going to be blacklisted from that website. That website is never going to accept your article ever again.

What this website is looking for is content. Blogs would look for any types of content that can fill their websites. In return you will get a high-quality backlinks that will shoot straight to your website.

So there is a trade-off and these kinds of process. As a blog poster you will get a backlink and they will get your content. These people will have full access to your content so that you cannot really pull it back.

Anything that you post must be related to your website. Because you cannot simply make a niche about cooking and then link it to gambling.

Blog posting is very tricky because people don’t want you to be explicit about promoting gambling. It is important for casino owners try and camouflage deer content. And explicit promotion content with just be denied by the advance and they will never be posted.

This way the admins or anyone in charge will never notice that you’re promoting your website. The best way to promote an online casino website is to talk about tours and travel.

And then you can simply insert Niche or topics about gambling. This is effective because you don’t have to promote your website. All you need to do is get a link back to your website without getting caught.

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Google ads

Next up we’re going to talk about Google ads. Have you seen advertisement in all kinds of websites. Well these kinds of advertisement maybe annoying for a second.

But these kinds of advertisement actually brings in a lot of people. These are called Google ads. Google ads is where you pay Google a monthly fee or a weekly fee. Google will part your links huge websites.

Businesses that are huge will opt into Google ads for many reason. You need to at lelast prepare a budget of around $1000 up to $10000 each month for Google Ads. Google ads also depend on how much clicks that you get and what kinds of website you want. Sometimes there is a website that will cost around $0.10 pay per click.

Pay per click is important to know because Google will never charge you a lot of money for one click. They will promote your website on other people’s website.

And if anyone clicks, then you will pay for each click that you get. So simply putting your banner and link would not cost you any money at all! Instead you will only be granted money once a player clicks the link. This is very affordable if uou have a huge budget. But we suggest that you try backlinks first before trying Google ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very huge social media company and platform. They have billions of active users. With this in mind, they also have access to things such as personalized advertisement. You can pay facebook to promote your website and your products. Many people have used this and it worked incredibly well for all of the users.

Using facebook ads can be stressful at first because it is complicated to set it up. In order for you to start selling, then you need to consult and contact Facebook.

The pricing is also different from Google ads. It is slightly a bit more cheaper. But they usually reject a lot of gambling related content. So you may have to find another way so that you can promote your website. There are dozens of success already on how people use facebook ads. So you will not be the first person that will use these kinds of promotion.

Referral Programs

Want to get way more followers and players? Try referral programs. Referral program is one of the unique features provided an online casino. This feature can make help people money by doing promotions from your gambling website.

Each player will be given unlimited time to promote referrals or special links that have been provided by a gambling website. When a player successfully visit the online gambling site, they will be given a profit of 10% of the total transaction by that player.

So if you invite a new person and that person takes a profit of $1000, then the inviting player will gain $100.

To get a referral program, there are several stages that a player must go through. Creating an account is definitely an obligation when they want to register and join your online casino. These players also have to create an account on the main page of an online gambling site. Put your referral links at the main page or one of the tabs for easy access.

Once on this main page, bettors can continue the referral program process by looking for a special link. Players have prepared a special link so that players no longer need to use the main link.

At this link, bettors will immediately be able to copy and paste the link. Send a link and spread this link to your various relatives. Then the money will enter automatically into the bettor’s account. This is how referral programs work. But there is more to it.

Social media accounts are the perfect place to share links that your website has prepared. Players can share this link in bulk via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

They will spread this link as far as players can. For each player, remember that they will be given 10% of the nominal that is going to be deposited.


Last but not least, the best way to promote a website is by attracting new players. Players all look for one thing in particular and that is bonus.

Bonuses is fun because people can get extra money from it. Give bonuses up to 100 % deposit bonuses to welcome new players. This is important because when they are comfortable then they will stay.

But before we can make them stay, then we need to attract them first. Attracting them can be done by putting huge promotional banners on your website.

Hence they will be attracted to your website more often in comparison to other websites. This is how you can promote online gambling website.


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