How to Start an Online Casino

How to Start an Online Casino in 6 Steps


This “How to Start an Online Casino” article is a comprehensive guide created by breaking it down in several steps. This can help anyone looking to start this great business.

This is not mere theory, but my experience from the process of building an online gambling riview site Dolphins e-Gaming.

Everyone has a dream to start their own business. One of the most booming business in this decade is online casinos. It is very profitable and that anyone can make within the comfort of sitting at home. Even though you do need some process, it does not take much time at all! 

Many owners of online casinos can quickly expand their gambling empire all across the world. Just take a look at some of the biggest casinos in the world.

You may have heard of casinos such as The Venetian and Caesars Palace. Each one of these offline casinos has expanded their business and became an online business this year. You may not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Usually starting an online casino requires several things. Most of all, it takes patience as well as passion. Building a casino will not just take 1 day. It is an ongoing process that an owner needs to be consistent at so that they can succeed. You need to hire developers as well as software engineers so that they can equip your website with the game that it needs. 

This process can be done online by hiring freelancers. And then you can start engaging and promoting. We will discuss all of these processes further in our article. So make sure that you read through and we hope that you can build your very own casino after this article ends.

What is Online Casino Business?

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You may have known casinos all around the world. For example, people used to fly out to Las Vegas just to play poker, baccarat, blackjack, and their famous slot games.

This is all very ordinary and that you may want to play this every single day. But due to limitations, players from across the world cannot just fly into Las Vegas at any given time.

This is where online casino business gives the opportunity for all players. Even players that lives so far away from a mainland city in which they can gamble.

Through online casino business, anyone can access fun as well as entertainment. This can be done online through websites that are equipped with software.

Online casino business consists of several different parts. First of all, you need a domain as well as a website. This domain needs to be active and has a nice name to it. This name would also later on be your brand’s name. Players usually use some unique and catchy names.

And after that, they can allow players into their servers. Online casino businesses are way easier to develop nowadays. This is because you can simply hire people to do the hard job for you. 

The only problem is that you need a huge amounts of funds to start an online casino businesses. This is because you need to buy or build a website from scratch.

On top of that, you also need to fill it with many fun games or else players would not play in your website. Online gamblers prefer to play in a website with trusted gambling service provider.

Some of you may have heard of NetEnt, Playtech, Play n Go, and so much more. These are just some of the providers that exists in the internet.

There are more online live poker providers out there. This is important so that you do not have to hire dealers by yourself.

What Is The Future Of Online Gambling

Start to Casino online

The future of online gambling seems very bright. There are new innovations every single day due to the amount of demand that exists.

Players will come into these new websites and simply do a quick deposit. Each deposit can worth around $10 and even up to $1000 on one time deposits. This shows you that players will keep flooding in.

Especially if they have trusted your website or an online casino website. 

There is a prediction made by an analyst regarding online casino businesses all around the world. They have the possibility to make a 1000% return and much more profit in 10 years. This is because the industry is growing and that more and more people want to look for entertainment.

Especially in developing countries where people have limited access to online casinos. Casinos struggle to provide the entertainment that they can to all across the world.

On top of that, many accounts are made every single day. Statistically speaking, millions of people try new types of gambling. They would not just stop at one game.

For example, a player that is interested in playing poker would eventually try other types of card games. Some of which are such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slot games.

This is because repetitive games would just be very boring for a player to keep playing. All in all, the industry of online casinos will be better in the future with more players and more competition in the websites. 

Why Online Gambling Business is The Best

With regular businesses, you need to put out so many funding as well as fees. We are not saying that online gambling business is a huge discount in which they are not. Building an online gambling business is still very costly. But there are huge funds that you can cut off when you put your money invested into an online gambling business.

First of all, you do not have to pay for any property bills or maintenance fees. Regular businesses or casinos for that matter would put out money to pay for building fees or rent.

Let alone that, huge businesses would have to buy the entire building. This costs way too much money if you are the only investor into that business. Instead you want to look for a more cost effective way to get more money.

This is where online gambling business comes in and provides you with the alternative that you are looking for. Online gambling business is totally cheaper in terms of maintenance fees. 

Besides that, online gambling business does not require any person to be physically there. People can work and get money from the comfort of laying down in their bed. Say that you are the owner of an online gambling business. 

For example there are third party services for payment. In which they will distribute all of the money and all of the funding. Hence you can provide a much higher variety of payment for all of the players. Players from Indonesia itself can do local bank transfers. Whereas players from abroad can use PayPal to pay instead of using any other types of payment system.

How to Start an Online Casino

Starting your own online casino may take more process that you thought. First set up a domain or at least have a domain name. We have told you before that the name as to be catchy so people can easily remember it. After that, you need to know what types of games that you want to provide.

Not all casinos can provide all types of games. This can only happen if you are a multi million dollar company such as GGBet and other huge websites. They are able to focus on live casinos as well as sports betting and e-sports betting. This is mainly because they use third party services for the games of online casinos.

You can focus on finding one niche that is trending and currently in high demand. For example in countries like the US, they are currently trending in slot games.

You can opt into these markets and choose to provide slot related games. Remember to bring in high quality games and only choose the best games. But these games also need to be profitable for the casinos of course.

Contact gambling game providers and ask if they are able to provide you with the partnership that you need. This way, owners and casinos do not have to build their own software.

This will take way too much time and money. That is to say if you can actually get the people to do it. But besides that, you can just hire people and pay commission to them for providing their games.

After finding the right software, you can simply pick the specific niche as we told to you before. For example some software developers only focus on one game. Read down below for the complete guide:

Choose reliable software providers

Choosing reliable software providers is key to achieving a good site. You want to prevent all types of providers that are glitching and full of bugs. Owners may have to pay a bit more for providers with higher quality and experience. But this is okay because you will still get a high return of investment later on. You may refer to the internet if you want to look for

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Selecting the gambling content for your online casino website

Gambling content may differ from each website. Make sure that you provide the language that is accessible by everyone or your target country. If the website is for Indonesia, then you need to use Bahasa Indonesia as the website’s language.

Engage with all of the players using local language. This can increase relatability within the players. They would even trust your website more. Whereas other countries such as Thailand, you need to use Thai language. 

Casinos could also make other types of amazing content. Be sure that you put our promotions and put some effort into marketing. Things such as hiring SEO professionals are a must to do. This is so that your website will gain a higher ranking in Google Search Engine. 

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Get a gaming license

A trusted website is marked when they are able to show their gaming license. A gaming license is supposed to give assurances to its players so that they can play safely in a website.

Gaming license will assure all of your players that your website also offers fair play. Without it, then your website would just potentially be another scam. People want to play easily and fairly without having to be worried about scams. 

To get a gaming license, you need to pay a small sum of fee and get your website inspected. There are many government organizations that will provide you with the tools. Such as Phillipines and other countries from around the world such as Curacao. 

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Secure verified methods of payment

Another component to keep in mind when making a gambling site is you need to get a secure verified methods of payment. There are many ways this can happen. Prioritize on accepting local types of deposit and transaction. This is easier in comparison to international because it is harder for people to deposit using credit cards and PayPal. 

But these types of payment system should be automated using third party software or third party companies. There are also Skrill and debit cards that you might want to have in your website. More verified method means that your website is more trusted for people to do their transaction.

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Website creation

Make a website with a clean niche. You can simply choose between online casinos, poker, and so much more. This will give you a clear idea on what your website will look like. Website creation can be ordered from many companies. This should cost you a bit of money but do not be alarmed. Because website creation is just a one time payment.

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Concentrate on marketing and promotion activities

All websites love to give bonuses. This is especially effective for brand new websites. Players would want to try your website when they are given an incentive to do so. You can hire professionals to promote your new domain on Google.

You could use google ads, banners, and so many other ways to promote your website. Be sure that you give what you have promised. Such as giving at least 10 % bonuses or deposit bonuses. This is all for today’s article and we hope that you can make your own online casino.


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