Let It Die Review by Its Development

Let It Die Review


Let It Die Review – One more of best free game on PS4. Yes, the game is Let It Die. Let It Die itself is an unpaid video game with an action ps4 games role-playing concept that gained popularity in 2016. Let It Die received development from Grasshopper Manufacture, while its own publishing was managed by GungHo Online Entertainment. On PS4, this game was released in December 2016, while in Japan it was released in February 2017. The following year, namely in September 2018, finally this game was released for Windows which can be played for free.

In general, the RPG Let It Die game received a majority of reviews stating that it was “mixed or average”. However, on a number of sides, there are contrasting differences of opinion about this game. Players who really like this RPG genre which is dark, violent, and stylish, will become big fans of this game and say that this game has a “soul”. However, a number of players who hated the concept of this game from the start, complained about a number of their dislike of this game.

Despite all the pros and cons, Let It Die still gets a pretty good number of downloads. In February 2017 when it was launched in Japan for the first time, the game was reported to have received more than two million downloads. In April of the following year, the game was downloaded more than four million. And in March 2020, this game has hit more than six million downloads

This game was directed by Hideyuki Shin, produced by Shuji Ishikawa, Noriaki Kazama as designer, Takashi Kasahara as artist, and Muga Takeda as writer. This game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and has single-player mode. So, you don’t need to find a team to play this game. Okay, let’s jump into the Let It Die review.

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Let It Die Review by Its Gameplay

As we mentioned earlier, Let It Die is a free game with an RPG concept that can be played on your PS4. In general, many players have likened Let It Die to the Dark Souls series and the visual style itself has been likened to that of Suda 51, the director of the famous Killer 7, who is made up of a lot of violence yet stylish.

When you enter the game, you will be presented with a tutorial. The first tutorial will require you to choose an avatar for your own character on the train. From this scene, you will later encounter Uncle Death, the legendary character from Let It Die. He is a grim reaper with his trademark skateboard, sickle, and fake 3D glasses. This game will take you to the setting of 2026, where you will be shown about the city of Tokyo which is located separately from the island and there is a large and tall tower. The pinnacle of the tower is everyone’s wish, treasure.

Gameplay will start when you are placed on the ground floor of the tower with the character you previously selected. You will struggle to get to the top of the tower. There are a number of enemies that are really annoying, and you need to kill them so you can more easily access your victory. Each floor increase, you will find an elevator that will take you to a safe area. In this safe area, you can make this area a storage area, make purchases for equipment, make statistical upgrades, and get ready to play again.

Many gamers claim that the combat system is easier than Dark Souls, with an awkward battle but with a thick rhythm against one enemy. This allows you to win easier (if done for one enemy). However, you will come face to face with a lot of enemies, which you should best avoid.

There are three options that you can choose if you die in the game. These options are to switch to another character, pay to revive your character using killer coins and game currency, as well as revive your character where you died with Death Metal, which we don’t recommend if you want to play completely free, because it’s more easy to get if you buy with real money.

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Let It Die Review by Its Development

Let It Die Review by Its Development

At first, this game was known as Lily Bergamo with the main character being a female protagonist by the name Tae Loroi, set in 2026, and a mixed concept of Japanese and Western culture. In addition to games, initially the development team and publishers thought of displaying a companion application so that it could be played on smartphones.

However, then Lily Bergamo changed its name to Let It Die during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014. The initial concept to make this game an extreme action game was still being carried out. Goichi Suda, the game’s executive director, informed that if the player dies in the game, they will appear in other players’ games and will show a significant development from the previous Suda video games in creating a more creative philosophy.

Initially, Let It Die was planned to be released in 2015. However, on June 11, 2014 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, finally the name change of Let It Die from Lily Bergamo was made. In addition, GungHo Online Entertainment also announced on 29 October 2015 that the release of let It Die would be released on 3 December 2016.

Because Let It Die takes many Japanese cultural concepts, there are 100 Japanese rock and metal artists who are invited to contribute to this game. This is very impressive and makes this game feel stand out, by its music.

Game Details

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: December 3, 2016
Price: Free

-Has a dark story and concept, but stylish so it is interesting
-The characters in it are psychologically very creative
-Look eccentric and stand out
-This game is addictive to play

-Some levels are boring
-For players who don’t like the dark concept in this game, will really hate it



This game has reaped a number of pros and cons opinions, both from critics, players, and a number of other people. People who like the conceptual and psychological darkness of this game, will find the fact that this game is a masterpiece. On the contrary, people who hate this genre will hate it even more. Regardless of the pros and cons, this game is a great game and is worth to play



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