What is Plinko Online Slot and How to Play it?
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What is Plinko Online Slot and How to Play it?


Plinko online slot is one of slot games developed by BGaming. The game is based on a popular TV game and has a 99% RTP percentage. If you are used to playing online slots, Plinko offers a welcome change. 

The game has a different gameplay than most online slots. Plinko gets his inspiration from the game show ‘The Price is Right’. This American game show debuted in 1983 and since then it has been a big hit on TV for a long time.

Plinko is a game of chance played with a ball that ‘plinks’ along the vertical backboard. However, BGaming uses a pyramid instead of a board. The developers of BGaming have found a way to bring the action of Plinko directly to your PC or mobile device.

How do you play Plinko Online Slot

The gameplay of the Plinko online slot is very simple. Those who remember the classic TV game show already know Plinko. The game board is set on a soothing teal background, with the Plinko pyramid on the right and the winnings on the left. 

Unlike a regular slot, where you spin the reels, in Plinko you have to drop the brightly glowing balls into the pyramid. These balls randomly fall through the pins and eventually land on the bottom in one of the slots.

These slots are marked with multiplier values ​​that determine the prize payout. They start with a multiplier of 0.2x and go up to 1,000x. Each round is guaranteed to pay out something, but it may be less than the amount you’ve wagered.

You choose from 8 to 16 rows, hoping that the ball with the best pay will fall into one of the chosen holes. After that, you can follow the bouncing process from the top of the pyramid down. All you can do is rely on your luck and drop the ball.

Is it Plinko Online Slot Can Adapted for Personal Wishes?

Plinko online slot can be adapted to your personal wishes. The Plinko pyramid can have between 8 and 16 rows and you can set it yourself. The number of prize boxes increases or decreases accordingly. 

There are also three levels of risk: low, medium and high. Low risk games have higher minimum wins of 0.5x, but the highest wins are lower. A high risk game lowers the minimum wins to 0.2x, but does offer higher wins of 1,000x up to 100,000 coins when wagering 100 coins. The bet value can be adjusted to the player. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 100.

When you press the play button, the orbs fall into the pyramid. You can send a single ball at a time or press multiple times and watch multiple balls drop at once. Each ball pays out independently next to the others. Would you rather just sit back and watch the action unfold? Then you can activate the optional autoplay function. Each ball will then fall automatically.

Plinko Online Slot : Theme and Style

Plinko online slot is a very entertaining game and the designers have clearly put a lot of effort into getting players into the right mood right away. In the background you can hear a soft electro soundtrack. Every time the counter drops, you will hear a soft beep. The sounds fit perfectly with the game and theme and get you completely sucked into the game.

This slot online game does not contain sharp and flashy graphics or spectacular visuals as in many other slots. You will be presented with a simple pyramid and the different buttons you need to play the game. Still, this game provides enough entertainment due to the fun gameplay.


Plinko online slot is a great game for players who love 80s game shows, but it is sure to pick up a lot of newbies. Whether you like the nostalgic element of Plinko or just enjoy simple gameplay, this instant win game from BGaming is sure to be a lot of fun. The 99% RTP is very beneficial for players who want to win back as much of their stake as possible. 

Once you get to know the game a little better, it’s super simple to play. Plinko does not contain any bonus rounds or special symbols. It’s a slot that doesn’t have the typical features like scatters and wilds, so this game can be played easily by anyone. The nice thing is that you can adjust the game yourself so that it suits you better. 

In addition, on the scoreboard on the left side of the screen, you can check your betting time, your bets and track your winnings. That way you can keep track of your play sessions and also keep a better eye on your budget.

Plinko is a fun game for fans of game shows and simple online slots. It has a special gameplay and who knows, you might win a nice prize with it!


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