Star Trek Online Review: A classic, but still fun, MMORPG

Star Trek Online Review: A classic, but still fun, MMORPG

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Star Trek online review – If you are familiar with Star Trek, then you will be no stranger to this one best free game on ps4, namely Star Trek Online. Star Trek Online itself is a type of MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing. The developer of Star Trek Online itself is Cryptic Studios, while the publisher is Perfect World Entertainment.

The setting of this game is in the 25th century. Even more amazing, Star Trek Online is the first online multiplayer ps4 role playing game for the Star Trek franchise. The version for Windows itself was actually released in February 2010, but was finally released for PS4 and Xbox One in September 2016.

Star Trek Online Review for Its Gameplay

In this game, you will be able to play the role of the captain of your own ship, such as playing as a spaceship, controlling the components in it, controlling the starship, and others using only your PS4. Not only that, you are also possible to get access to various weapons and other supports, such as skills in winning battles.

There are two combat systems that are interconnected if you play Star Trek Online, namely team missions to fight with majority movements for running and shooting, and space battles that allow battles between a number of large ships. In general, these two systems are actually in line with the storyline of Star Trek itself. In these battles between ships and between players, you can take advantage of the shield, as well as the position of your team in battle. Don’t forget to look for a number of weaknesses that you can see during the battle that takes place on the ground, because of course this will help you in winning the battle.

When Star Trek Online first launched for PC in 2010, Cryptic Studios received a number of acclaim for the space games that served it, there are currently not many games that showcase the splendor of the outer world, but there really aren’t that many to play in. therein. And sadly, when the game was released for PC in 2016, the gameplay didn’t progress very much.

For the size of conventional MMO games, Star Trek Online, which was released on PS4 itself, does not provide innovations and variations that can attract players’ attention. Apart from that, the movement speed in this game is quite pathetic, which is actually the main problem. Indeed, Star Trek Online targets adventure as the main component and strengths they want to highlight, but for gamers who like something surprising, this game is easy to make sleepy. For the most part, you will just be exploring outer space while shooting with your enemies, regardless of whether your shot is accurate or not, because Star Trek Online employs an automatic locking system.

When we talk about tactical matters, then you only need to pay attention to the distance of the shield from your enemy. This makes the Star Trek Online game not too difficult to conquer, because the battles are arguably simple.

Star Trek Online Review for Its Visual Graphics

Star Trek Online Review for Its Visual Graphics

If Star Trek Online’s gameplay gets a number of criticisms where this game is considered less innovative and tends to be boring, in terms of visual graphics, Star Trek Online wins when compared to other games. In fact, from the very beginning of its release, Star Trek Online’s graphic visuals stood out from other games. The aesthetics, sophistication, and smoothness of the visual graphics provided by this game are quite ‘shaking’, so that a number of technical weaknesses that are the main points are slightly faded.

Until now, Star Trek Online is still undergoing an update, although no update is too significant. Unfortunately, even though the visual graphics are still impressive, the motion graphics are not exactly the champion. When you do movements like shooting, walking, and things like that, often you will feel that the display that is displayed feels ‘awkward’ and too much delay to move to the next scene.

Besides that, this game is quite messy if we judge from the presentation point of view. Sometimes, the characters that are played sometimes sway by themselves and look like they are not in line with what the server wants. There is also a certain line of dialogue that turns out to be disconnected. However, if you forget the ‘primitiveness’ aspect of motion graphics, you’ll feel that Star Trek Online’s visuals can give you a thumbs up.

Star Trek Online Review for Its Audio and Sound Effects

Even though Star Trek Online is an old game that was produced ten years ago, we think that if you are a Star Trek fan, you will not be disappointed with the sound effects and audio. There are quite a number of pros and cons regarding the audio aspect, but in fact the sound effects provided in Star Trek Online are quite fresh, such as critical tricorder and phaser sound effects.

However, we still can’t say that the voice acting of the characters is the best aspect of the game. There are a number of criticisms stating that the voice acting from Star Trek Online is unsatisfactory and doesn’t feel right if you listen to it while playing.

Game Details

Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Price: Free. $39.99 (paid)

-Pretty gorgeous visual graphics
-Impressive sound effect and audio
-Good storyline
-Fun to play

-Strange character movement
-Motions are not clear and tends to lag
-Poor voice acting
-Not really challenging adventure

Visual:  80%
Performance: 60%
Story: 90%
Audio: 80%


In general, Star Trek Online is still one of the fun MMO games for gamers to play, especially for gamers who are looking for fun and ease of playing, such as refreshing from work or other tough things. Star Trek Online excels in terms of visual graphics, storyline, and the extraordinary atmosphere it displays.

However, the main problem with Star Trek Online lies in the technical side, where the gameplay, motion graphics, and voice acting are inadequate and significant development needs to be done to make the hearts of Star Trek fans stronger.


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