Tricks How to Win Domino

Tricks How to Win Domino


Since the first Indonesian people have called dominoes by the name of cassava. This popular game is more popular with men. Especially adult and elderly men. Every player wants to win quickly. In addition to dominoes, there are many popular gambling games such as lottery, poker, roulette, ServerQiu  and others.

Therefore, how to win domino quickly. When playing dominoes it can be done with bets and without bets. Tricks to play dominoes can be done for online domino games as well as traditional dominoes.

Dominoes Game History

Many people think the domino game was born in China. There is a first version that says the beginning of the domino game appeared in 1120 AD. Different from the second version, it says that domino games have existed since 181-234 AD.

Tricks How to Win Domino

Back then the Hung Ming army and group were the ones who raised the popularity of the traditional domino game. Different from the third version explaining the origin of dominoes put forward by Chinese historians. According to this historian, domino games were already known during the reign of Keung T’ai Kung (1,100 BC).

Of all the versions that mention the origin of dominoes, the first version is considered the most plausible and more believable. The beginning of the presence of dominoes was made from Chinese government employees. It was specially dedicated to Emperor Hui Tsung in 1120.

Emperor Hui Tsung looked pleased to have acquired the latest game. So happy the emperor always brought a game of dominoes when he made a state visit. As a result, the domino game began to be known by other kingdoms.

This game became increasingly popular in 1127 to 1163 AD. At that time, dominoes were not only played within the Chinese empire. But also often played by the kingdoms of Europe.

Based on the narrative of historian Michael Dummet in Europe, domino games were first known to the public in Venice and Naples. However, at the beginning of the 18th century, it became popular throughout European society.

How to Win Domino

1. Reading the Opponent’s Card

Every domino player has his own way to win. One of them is by estimating the cards that the opponent holds. Where the benchmark for the player’s estimate comes from the cards whose numbers are in series. For example, there are players who often drop 2 cards.

2. Fishing Opponents

Players can also lure opponents to issue cards in their favor. Especially fishing so that the opponent takes out the cards whose numbers you have.

3. Pit Card

In fact pitting cards is the most daring technique. Usually launched by players to sabotage the game. In addition, the player believes that he will come out victorious.

However, card fighting techniques are also risky. So that it cannot be played by all players unless he keeps the smallest number of card numbers. If the number of numbers owned is large, it can cause defeat.

4. Pay Attention to Cards

The main key to winning dominoes is staying focused. So, every player is expected to pay attention to his dominoes and those of the opponent. Paying attention to the cards also makes it easy for players to count the remaining cards in the game.

5. Divert the opponent’s concentration

This last trick is considered quite cunning because it tries to divert the opponent’s concentration. Players try to sabotage the opponent’s strategy as the game progresses. Usually occurs after seeing an opportunity that is not visible to the opponent. However, you have to be careful because this trick can create fights between players. / Dy

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